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As the boating industry in Port Augusta continues to grow it has out grown the existing infrastructure & is in need of better facilities as commercial cruises now depart daily. The foreshore has been allowed to degenerate to an unacceptable level. Please see below for current pictures of the Westside Foreshore & boat ramp.

Is this a good face for Port Augusta?

Port Augusta Fore Shore 


An overall approach needs to be considered as there are 4 main groups that utilise boating facilities in Port Augusta, being power trailer boats, large power boats, yachts & commercial. The current proposal on display at the council offices provides the best overall option for all users.

This position takes advantage of the natural harbor that is best suited for this model & allows for expansion.

This puts all boating facilities needed within easy access i.e. launch, carparking, fuel, mechanic, marine shop, food & beverage supplies. Mooring boats in the proposed area would be a lot more secure & less prone to vandalism which is a major concern priority for mooring.


This model would be a win for all as it

·         Provides additional berthing for yachts.

·         Upgraded launch facilities & maintenance areas

·         Maintains visual heritage of the wharf

·         Creates additional visual aesthetics from highway

·         Existing swing moorings retained

·         Excellent ramp & tourist facilities

·         Dedicated maintenance area for yachts

·         Departure point for all commercial vessels close to CBD

·         Dedicated short term mooring facilities adjacent boat ramp

·         Dedicated safe commercial mooring facilities for <20m vessels

·         Commercial facilities for all commercial vessels 3-50m

·         Negligible environmental impact. As an eco accredited cruise operator this is very important. The use of a natural harbor does not need to disturb the mangroves or intertidal flats that essentially feed the gulf.



The pictures provided are draft layouts only showing general layout final details will differ. With planning it can be a staged development as to not put the project into the to hard basket as this infrastructure is needed now.

If this model was followed Port Augusta would have a cost effective, upgradable facilities that meets existing & future needs on an international scale


4 years ago people laughed if you suggested cruising in Port Augusta, it has been persistence, passion from operators that have built an industry with virtually no commercial infrastructure giving credibility to further expansion. It cannot be stressed enough that Port Augusta is a unique market & the input from existing operators should be taken note of with great emphasis.


Site locations of boating facilities in Port Augusta


Site needs

·         No swimming

·         Car parking

·         Access for maintenance vehicles

·         Secure

·         All weather usability

·         Power & water

·         Sullage & fuel 


4 main options

1.    Existing wharf area

2.    North of bridges

3.    Carpenters landing

4.    West of Westside jetty


Each of these sites has different issues but one does not have any known negative issues.


Existing wharf area

·         Heritage issues

·         Protrudes into main channel

·         One proposal has already received considerable public opposition


North of bridges

·         Restricted access due to bridges


Carpenters landing

·         No known negative heritage, environmental or community issues.

·         Achieves more objectives for far less capital.

·         Greatest potential for return on investment through greater economic impact throughout the community.

·         By having berthing in a more visible area closer to the bridge it will be more easily policed.

·         Enhances visual aspect from bridge



West of Westside jetty

·         Canal style marina would be massively expensive combined environmental issues.

·         Would need a massive area for turning basin for 20m plus vessels.

·         Walkway through mangroves to water would be massively expensive

·         Lose existing swing moorings local yachties will not want to lose swing moorings

·         Require major works including dredging & wind breaks leading to environmental issues.

·         The area is subject to increased wave height as its open to the south

·         Councils investment will need to be greater due to increased access road works car parking etc

·         Both of these options for this position would take at least 5 years to establish

·         Does not address trailer boat facilities



Carpenters Landing provides the best location to address the widest range of facilities with the least negative impact & most cost effective.


Port Augusta Marina

Port Augusta Marina



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